Energy Challenge Registration Process

Students will register for the Energy Challenge online. All participants must apply and upload all required documents online by January 31, 2018. Students will be required to submit the following documents online for Phase 1 

1. Register and Completed Online Form

  • Online form includes basic demographic information for main student contact, adult Sponsor, and additional students participating (up to 4 per team).
  • Students will be required to enter a current AISES Member ID. You may find your AISES Member ID by logging into the AISES Membership Portal.

2. Upload Required Documents - Students Will Upload the Following Documents into the EC Application:

2-1: Design Plan PowerPoint 

  • Overall, this document should walk the viewer/reader through your Phase 1: Research and Design process.  This will be one of the main documents that the judges will use to score your Phase 1 application. 

    Your Design Plan PowerPoint needs to include a few things:

    • 1. Your EC problem and solution.  It may be helpful to return to the Scientific method or Engineering Design Process as a guide in thinking about how to present your problem, solution, and plan.
    • 2. An itemized Budget (up to $2,000) for your proposed solution.  This budget should include a limited (around 20% of total) amount for unknown problems that may come up.
    • 3. Cited sources and a References/Bibliography at the end of the PowerPoint.

    For an example of a successful Design Plan PowerPoint, from one of this past year’s winners, click here.

2-2: Engineering Design Notebook 

2-3: Energy Challenge Project Abstract

  • The Abstract is typically the last item to complete because it is an abbreviated version of the entire project.  In this case, the Abstract will be a concise version of your Research and Design for Phase 1. 

    Your Abstract should include:

    • 1. Your energy problem and solution.
    • 2. How you plan to measure and demonstrate your solution.
    • 3. The potential social or community impact(s) of your solution. 

    Abstracts must be less than 250 words.

2-4: Completed Media and Liability Release Form (signed version must be uploaded)